About Us

Established in 1974 and currently directed by Faculty Artistic Director Kimberly Parmer, Georgetown University Dance Company (GUDC) is the oldest dance organization on campus in the Department of Performing Arts. As a pre-professional concert repertory dance company, GUDC performs diverse works in classical ballet, contemporary, jazz, indigenous, hip hop, and tap. GUDC, a self-presenting organization that receives academic credit, focuses on technique classes and performances, as well as the development of arts administration, production, and leadership skills. All GUDC members attend two technique classes per week and up to 12 hours per week of rehearsal time.

GUDC presents one concert each semester, featuring the choreography of both students and professionals. The Guest Choreographers Program brings in local, national, and international professionals such as David Parsons, Robert Battle, Elisa Clark, and Francisco Castillo to create original works for the company. During the 2013-2014 school year GUDC was fortunate to host guest teachers Kimberly Parmer, Maurice Johnson, Kathleen Weitz, and Felipe Ozayrun, as well as guest choreographers Kevin Iega Jeff and Christopher Huggins through the dance collaborative program with Black Movements Dance Theatre. GUDC also performs for the Georgetown community at events on and off campus, including Midnight Madness, Georgetown Day, Relay for Life and even Hoya basketball halftimes at the Verizon Center.

In addition to performing, the Company also has a very active outreach program which provides students with the opportunity to teach, perform and work with GU’s Lombardi Cancer Center and other local community service organizations and schools.

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